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Ajith, Java SOA Architect :





broy group inc


99, Morris Ave, Springfie,
NJ,New Jersey  07081


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Job title:

Java SOA Architect :

Job description:


· Top Priority Skills:
· * Excellent written and spoken communication skills
· * Ability to clearly explain and justify ideas when faced with competing alternatives
· * Ability to concisely illustrate concepts in words and diagrams
· * Ability to learn quickly and apply new knowledge in a fast-paced, ever-changing technical environment
· * Strong understanding enterprise and service design patterns and best practices
· * Enterprise application integration (EAI) experience
· * Strong understanding of Web service (SOAP or REST concepts) - implementation experience on atleast one of them (REST implementation experience a strong plus)
· * Prior experience designing fault tolerant (ideally self-healing) systems
· * Prior experience designing highly scalable systems
· * Flexibility in designing systems - including leveraging emerging technologies
· * 7+ years of programming/SW development experience
· * 3+ years of experience with Java and open source frameworks such as Spring and Camel
· * Strong knowledge of XML required including designing XML Schema in XSD and Atom/AtomPub
· * Knowledge of at least one object-to-relational mapping tool such as Hibernate
· Desired Skills:
· * Prior experience with billing, taxation and/or accounting systems strongly desired
· * Prior cloud experience strongly desired, particularly in an enterprise setting
· * Prior experience with payment processing is a plus
· * Prior experience with PCI-DSS is a plus
· * Prior experience designing multi-tenant systems strongly desired
· * Understanding of basic algorithms and data structures (e.g., capable of simple trade-off analyses)
· * Basic business analyst skills – should be able to create technical specifications from imprecise business requirements
· * Excellent working knowledge of open source and commercial databases
· * 3+ years in at least one dynamic language (Python strongly preferred)
· Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Requirements
· * Strong working knowledge of SOA design patterns and best practices
· * Prior experience working in a contract-driven software environment a strong plus
· * Strong knowledge of JSON required
· * Prior experience with WADL a strong plus
· Technology Requirements
· * Experience selecting and using Message Queues: ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ
· * Knowledge of Linux (esp. RHEL and Ubuntu)
· * Experience with Datagrid and NoSQL Databases and solutions such as Infinispan, Riak, Redis, a plus
· * Knowledge of Linux (e.g. RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS)

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