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Katherine Williams, C++ Developer


Katherine Williams ADVERTISEMENT



BMW Group Innc.


40 Exchange Pl.,
New York City,NY  10005


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Job title:

C++ Developer

Job description:


C++ Analytics Developer

We are looking for an individual to join the Model Library Group of Morgan Stanley’s Fixed Income Division. MLG is a recently formed group dedicated to developing division-wide analytical libraries and tools to support of a wide assortment of FID business areas including interest rates and currencies, credit and commodities. The MLG team will work closely with the Analytical Modeling teams who are responsible for analytic research in the Division. MLG will work with AM to implement, test, distribute in production, and support the models. The MLG team will also work closely with the trading application development teams to integrate the Model Library code into the trading applications. This role will involve hands-on development and the individual will be regularly facing off with both Analytic Model Research teams and technology groups. It will not involve people management.

Desired salary range:

90 - 110 USD 

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