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Legal information

To use this web site,, you must read, agree to, and understand the following rules and regulations, which shall serve as a legally binding contract. If you are acting on behalf of an entity, you represent and hereby warrant that you have legal authorization to act on behalf of that entity and enter into this legally binding contract, and you further understand and warrant that you have the legal authorization to grant WDP the right to hold, at WDP's sole discretion, either you or that entity legally responsible or both you and that entity legally responsible:

Wayne Diu Productions, hereon after referred to as WDP, is the owner of this web site, By submitting information to this web site in any medium (including email or normal postal mail), you hereby give WDP the permission and royalty-free right to post, publish, or otherwise use such information in any medium, including electronically, without further notice, permission, or compensation. At the discretion of WDP, such information may or may not be displayed in conjunction with advertisements. Furthermore, you represent and warrant that you are in a position to grant us this right, and we may disclose the logged details of the submitter (including the name, email, and IP address) to the email address or physical address on file for any referenced submission or to any authorized representative. Compilations of information contained in this web site become copyright © 1997-2018, WDP, and all rights not explicitly granted are reserved.

This web site contains features to perform submissions which may include job submissions, resume submissions, submissions to contact employers, and submissions to contact candidates. The submitter shall assume sole responsibility for his or her submission, including the content of the submission, complying with all applicable laws, remembering the email address and password used to make said submission if applicable, and the timely removal of all obsolete submissions if applicable. No permission is granted to submit a resume on behalf of any entity other than yourself. No permission is granted to submit a job on behalf of any entity other than the immediate company you are employed with. By submitting the job, the submitter represents and warrants that he or she has legal authority to do so.

All messages sent may be logged by, and a minimum fee of $10000 applies each time an irrelevant message is sent. Improper use of the messaging feature may also be reported to your ISP and/or law enforcement agencies. You agree to indemnify for the improper use of the messaging feature and agree to be responsible for 6 (six) times the legal fees, including but not limited to court costs and fines.

WDP is under no obligation to monitor the information received through its site. However, WDP reserves the right to use and to edit any and/or all information sent to or sent through without further notice, permission, or compensation, for any reason whatsoever, at its sole discretion. WDP also reserves the right not to publish or disseminate information received, without further notice, for any reason whatsoever, at its sole discretion. Such information may include (but is not limited to) the Prohibited Content described below.

Prohibited Content: WDP prohibits submissions containing the following content:

  • information which is not of sufficient detail or which can lead to confusion taken under ordinary context;
  • information which is deemed to be offensive (or promotes activity which is offensive) to the society in general;
  • information which is deemed to be illegal (or promotes illegal activity) in North America, the location in which you reside, the location in which the job or resume was submitted and/or the location where the job takes place;
  • information which is of a pornographic nature;
  • submissions which do not primarily consist of a job listing or of a resume;
  • submissions which point visitors to another web site;
  • submissions that encourage fraud;
  • submissions that violate generally acceptable community standards;
  • submissions that require further payment (for example, jobs that require applicants to pay a fee);
  • submissions that pertain to, are a result of, or otherwise encourage multilevel marketing or affiliate marketing;
  • submissions that are made on behalf of someone else or another company;
  • pyramid schemes.

WDP's discretion to the above conditions is final, and WDP will not reimburse monies paid if the application is rejected due to noncompliance with the above criteria. WDP may charge a fee of $50 per submission that contains the above prohbited content, and your use of this site confirms your acceptance of this fee. Since WDP is under no obligation to actively monitor submissions, the acceptance of your submission does not constitute a waiver of this fee. WDP does not guarantee the availability of the service or of the web site.

WDP will not be responsible for any damages however caused by accurately, inaccurately, or failing to perform the posting, updating, or deleting of submissions, and WDP explicitly disclaims liability for any damages, real or otherwise, which may result from the error, negligence, or incompetence of WDP. The user acknowledges that WDP will not be held under any obligation to respond to any inquiries. The use of this web site is entirely at the user's own risk. As with all job interviews, users of this web site are strongly encouraged to verify references before meeting anyone in person. WDP will not be held responsible and disclaims all liabilities for the use, abuse, or inability to use of this web site or of the information contained therein. WDP is not responsible for the content of advertisements and job and resume postings. Any person using this web site is required to have sufficient technical knowledge to use this web site and to use a compatible browser.

No permission is granted for information found on this site to be 'mined' by 'robots' or by other automated means. WDP may choose not to publish information which is submitted in an automated manner and may ignore postings from groups or individuals which repeatedly submit duplicate resumes or jobs.

Additional terms and conditions apply for advertisements.

No refunds will be given on job postings, resume postings, or advertisements, and no reimbursements will be made for postings, updates, or deletions which are unsuccessful whether through delay, inaccuracy, or failure of execution, except for the price of the unsuccessful update(s) that has been paid to and received directly by WDP.

If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, the rest of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect. Failure of WDP to enforce any part of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of WDP's rights under this agreement. In the event of a change of ownership, the new owner(s) may have access to all submitted information and all rights granted to WDP under this agreement may, at the sole discretion of WDP and/or its new owner(s), be transfered to the new owner(s).

All trademarks are acknowledged. WDP reserves the right to log this web site and monitor or otherwise keep track of messages. Please see our privacy policy.

Should you wish to contact us, please do so here.
By contacting us, you give us the royalty free right to use, implement, and/or disseminate any information, including unsolicited ideas and suggestions, resulting from your communication.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any time and without further notice.

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